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Viet Specialty Coffee & sourdough Banh Mi 

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 Sourdough Banh Mi

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Viet specialty coffee


About La Saigon

Our Founder, Ly, with out any experience in F&B started La Saigon when she was in a difficult phase of her life. La Saigon gave her the hope and confidence that as long as you have high spirits and serve with positive intention, everything is possible in life.
Throughout our journey in La Saigon we have received a lot of love and support from our customers, family and friends. We as a team through our founder's vision believe that La Saigon is not a restaurant or a cafe rather it is a small family that resonates with the ideology that loves win all.

 Our Coffee & Banh Mi

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La Saigon is a modest and authentic Vietnamese cafe and bistro started in 2018 located in a cozy corner of Alexandra Central Mall.  Our simple vision is to promote the goodness of Vietnamese specialty coffee and artisan Banh Mi to the world.  Our coffee beans are handpicked with care and passion by farmers in Vietnam.  The selected beans are then freshly roasted here in Singapore to maximise freshness and flavour.  We are proud to be the pioneers of   Viet Fine Robusta coffee beans and introducing them to coffee lovers around the world.

With each bite of our authentic Banh Mi you will discover a unique and sophisticated combination of our artisan sourdough baguette and hand crafted fillings.  Our sourdough baguette is made with top quality flour and natural wild yeast to provide exactly the right texture and flavour that has proven itself over time.

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